current research

CGIAR Initiative - Sustainable Healthy Diets

Food systems are not providing sustainable healthy diets for everyone, everywhere. Healthy diets are unaffordable for 3 billion people, and poor quality diets are associated with all forms of malnutrition and 11 million premature adult deaths each year.


Five year Horizon Europe funded project to assess the safe and just operating space of European Agriculture.

Climate Impact on Agricultural Labour Productivity

Combining maps with the location of farmers and heat stress indicators to analyse labour productivity loss in India.

Occupations on the map

Application of a superlearner machine learning algorithm to create high resolution maps with the location of workers.

Spatial Production Allocation Model for Country studies (mapspamc)

Development of an R package to create crop distribution maps for country studies using the SPAM approach.

Spatial Simulation of Income Dynamics (SSID) model

Development of a spatial microsimulation model to assess income and poverty change under different socio-economic scenarios.